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The Utah Chapter of NIGP would like to announce three chapter

sponsored virtual courses over the course of the year.


A portion of class fees will go to funding Utah Chapter NIGP Scholarships!

Scheduled Seminar:

Core Certificate: Foundations of Planning and Analysis VIRTUAL CLASS: June 15 - 16  (8 am – 5 pm MDT)

Instructor: Barbara Johnson

Cost: $425 National Institute Member/ $525 Non-Member

EARLY BIRD: $400 National Member/ $500 Non-Member. Must sign up by April 16, 2021


Scheduled Seminar:

Competency Module: Specification Development VIRTUAL CLASS: August 10  (9 am – 1 pm MDT)

Instructor: Stacy Gregg

Cost: $155 National Institute Member/ $255 Non-Member

Prices valid through August 4, 2021

Scheduled Seminar:

Competency Module: Cost, Price, and Value Analysis VIRTUAL CLASS: October 12  (8 am – 5 pm MDT)

Instructor: Marcheta Gillespie

Cost: $310 National Institute Member/ $410 Non-Member

EARLY BIRD: $285 National Member/ $385 Non-Member. Must sign up by May 30, 2021

Utah Chapter President’s Message May 2021

Dear Utah Chapter NIGP Members,

We are looking forward to our upcoming May 20, 2021 Chapter Meeting, which will be held 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.  If you haven’t already, please go to and register under the “Event Calendar” Section in order to receive the meeting link.  We will have the NIGP Business Council presenting to us, which is made up of vendors and Procurement experts.  They will be discussing the Total Cost of Ownership with us.  We look forward to receiving great ideas.  

We will also be announcing a new event happening this Fall.  We are excited to share some details with you at the chapter meeting- Stay Tuned!

We are working to bring more educational offerings to our chapter, and are sponsoring three NIGP courses.  These will all be held virtually, so we may have members from other chapters join us.  The chapter will receive a portion of registration fees back as a fundraiser.  The chapter sponsored courses include:

June 15-16, 2021 (2-Day):  Core Certificate- Foundations of Planning & Analysis
August 10 (1/2 Day): Competency Module- Specification Development
October 12 (1 Day): Competency Module- Cost, Price & Value Analysis

Funds will go into our Scholarship budget to help members cover costs for events such as NIGP Forum, NIGP and chapter sponsored courses, CPPB/CPPO or NIGP-CPP prep courses or exam fees, etc.  Please take the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.  We want to help you succeed in your career goals!  More scholarship as well as Agency Award opportunities will be coming again this year.  

Thanks to those that participated in our See’s Candies Mother’s Day fundraiser.  We raised a total of $67.00.  We will have another fundraiser period towards the end of the year that we hope you will participate in.  We appreciate your support of our chapter.  These funds will also go to our scholarship fund to help fund educational and professional development opportunities for you.

We hope you’ll find time to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather amidst all of you daily responsibilities.  You are all amazing, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to be associated with you.  We enjoy the collaboration we have with you and your agencies.  Together we are stronger.  

We look forward to meeting with you on May 20th.

Yours Sincerely,

Tonya Hodges
Utah Chapter NIGP President


Welcome to the Utah Chapter of NIGP!

Utah Chapter meetings are held five times per year; Jan, Mar, May, Sept, Nov
Meeting Time: 9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. (MST) / *8:30 am Snacks / Networking

Meeting Location: Please see the Upcoming Events for location & address.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events